McKinley Primary Center / Language Arts Rubrics and Exemplars

Terms, Acronyms, and Definitions:

IAS (or ISS) – Indiana (Department of Education) Academic Standards (or Indiana State Standards).

Genre – the type of literature characterized by a specific form, content and style. Literature has four main genres; poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction. Indiana assesses students on persuasive, informative, and narrative writing as well.

Grammar – The way a writer or speaker uses structured language to communicate.


Kindergarten Exemplars:              HIGH                                        MEDIUM                                                 LOW

Genre/ISS Score:       1 - Picture, words, or letters       2 - Picture and words match      3 - Sequencing, arranging ideas in order


High                                                        SCORE POINTS                                                        Low


 Your child should be writing at this level by the end of...


Quarter 4

Quarter 3 

Quarter 2 

Quarter 1 


Writes the start of a story

Mistakes in grammar, mechanics, and usage

Use more conventional spelling

Uses logical order of thought

Writes 2-3 sentences

Uses some conventional spelling

Writes familiar words

Uses invented spelling

Uses sight words spelled correctly

Spells words phonetically

Writes a single sentence that makes sense

Uses punctuation ( . ! ? )

Writes letters in word groupings and can read it back

Capitalizes the first word in a sentence and the pronoun ŇIÓ

Uses initial consonants to represent words

Uses spaces between words

Focuses on the topic

Letter strings

Letters donŐt match sounds

Copies words

Draws a picture

Mock/pretend letters

Alphabet Letters